April 3, 2011

Journal Tutorial

Ok so I told you I would create a tutorial for the journals I have been making.
Supplies you need (not all pictured below):
*a journal (I like ones that have a hard cover and are that light brown paper color (borders used to have them but I found some smaller/similar ones at the craft store), but most other journals would work)
*exacto-knife (optional)
*clear packaging tape
*cardstock paper
*any fun pictures or whatever you want to put on your journal

First start by finding all your magazine cut-outs, pictures, stickers, etc.  Try to have a little more than what will fit on the journal so you can try multiple arrangements and find exactly what you like.  Then pick what paper you want as your background... keep it simple if you have a lot of things/colors you want to put on your journal.  If you have one main color scheme or not a lot of things to put on your journal than you can choose a bolder more patterned paper.  For this journal I chose a simpler/lighter print.  Glue the paper to the journal.  You can cut the paper a little larger than the journal and use the exacto-knife to cut the edges so you get a nice clean edge or you can just cut the paper to exactly fit the journal.

Then cut out all your magazine pieces and get all your items together

Arrange the items on the journal however you want.  Try to glue at the end so you can move things around until you discover exactly how you want the journal to look.  Once you have your arrangement basically figured out, you can start to glue the pieces to the journal.  Add the small stickers or little pieces to fill empty spaces after you glue the big pieces down.

Once everything is exactly how you want it, cover the journal with strips of clear packaging tape.  Have a little extra tape at the top and bottom of the journal to fold over to the other side of the journal. 

At this point you are done.  The example above is the back of the journal I made.  Do both the front and
back if you want.  Below is the front of the journal.  It is for my best friend Ashley.

This journal I made for myself. 


This journal I made for my sister before she left for London.  (Please excuse my study materials in the back, clearly I got a little distracted doing crafts sometimes instead of studying... I don't mind :)

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