March 31, 2011

Corvallis peeps

This message is for everyone who lives in Corvallis.  Creative Crafts and Frame Shop on Kings St. is probably the best craft store in Corvallis.  I go there all the time.  In fact, on my next visit I get 10 dollars of in-store credit because I have filled my rewards card already.  :)  Right now there have some really cute note pads and journals.  Lately, I have been making some really cute journals for friends and such and they have some journals that would work perfect for only a dollar!!  (By the way...I am in the process of a tutorial for the journals)  Generally I get my journals at borders because I like the brown paper on the front (and in the inside, but borders are out of those) :( 
The ones at Creative Crafts seem like a reasonable trade out since they are only a dollar!! 

Here are the journals.  Simple I know, but I will show you how to dazzle them up in my next post.

I also got some really cute "bird inspired" note pads and such.  Again only a dollar!!  Love them.

Well, these were my finds of the day... Have you found any good finds lately? :)  And the best part of the trip was that it was with my dear friend Jenn :)

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