April 4, 2011

Banner and Ash's Shower

On Sunday, we had a bridal shower for my bestie Ashley.  I made a banner for it and I wanted to show you how.  It is really easy and could be made for a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, whatever you want really...  (You could spell words like celebrate, baby, bride, etc.)
*Chipboard pennants
*Cute printed paper
*Glue stick
*Vinyl letters
*Elmers glue and glitter (optional)

                                      Start off by buying the chipboard pennants (at a craft store)

                                                                    Pick out your paper

                                                               Place chipboard on paper

                                       Cut the paper so there is extra on the sides of the triangle

                         Glue the paper on the chipboard and use the exacto-knife to cut the edges off

Get vinyl letters out

Place vinyl letter on chipboard and add elmers glue and glitter if you want

String the chipboards along the ribbon

The end.  A few pictures from Ashley's shower....YAY!!!

Me and the BRIDE-TO-BE


Hannah, Anna, Lesley, Me

The Memory Game

Food :)

Such a fun Sunday afternoon.  Ashley gets married in 5 days! How exciting is that?!?!

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