February 8, 2011

Some day.....

SO.... as some of you may know, my husband Ben wants to be a P.A. (physicians assistant). With OSU coming to an end very soon (for the both of us), we have been talking a lot about what the next steps are going to be for us.  Last night, we got the PLEASURE of going to Josh and Melissa Andrew's house in Salem.  Josh is a P.A. in cardiac surgery and we got the opportunity to talk with him and his lovely wife.  We only intended to stay maybe an hour or so because we didn't want to take up too much of their evening.  Before we knew it, we had spent close to 4 hours there!!  It was SO fun chatting with the two of them!  Josh gave Ben some great ideas on how to start this whole P.A. process and some of the things to expect with P.A. school.  It was such a great evening and we were SO blessed!

If it ever crosses your mind, please pray for Ben as he begins to look into P.A. schools.  There are two schools in Oregon and many others across the west coast.  Please pray that wherever the Lord wants us, He will open the door for Ben and give him clear direction as to where he wants us.  Ben also needs 1,000-2,000 patient hours before he can even apply to P.A. school.  He needs prayer that he will find a job starting this summer and begin those patient hours.         

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