February 10, 2011

What a pleasant surprise

Today I went to my practicum at the hospital like any other day.  On Tuesday, an older lady had these cute little pearl bobby pins in her hair.  I of course told the lady that I loved her little pins and she was very delighted that I said something. Today the lady walks in and hands me a little pack of the bobby pins.  She said to me "I brought you these pins because you said how much you liked them on Tuesday."  I was SO surprised because I don't even know the lady that well and I couldn't believe she had brought in the bobby pins to give me!  It was SO cute!

 Thanks Lord for always blessing me when I least expect it!!

My challenge to you... Bless someone this week that would least expect it.  It could be anything you want such as writing a note to someone, giving a little gift, doing something out of the ordinary, etc.  Just anything that would be special to them.  It will really mean a lot!!

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