May 10, 2017

Master Bedroom Project

Hey there!  I just recently completed a master bedroom makeover and I'm excited to show you some before and after photos!  
This room started with a queen size bed.  My clients wanted a new headboard for the makeover and had also mentioned switching to a king size bed at some point maybe later down the road, but they ended up deciding now was the time since we were buying a new headboard anyway!  It's an investment upfront, but worth it in the end because now a few years down the road they won't have to buy another headboard.  We decided on a tufted panel bed from Overstock.

Here is a before:   


The paint is the same in all the photos, it's just the lighting that is making it look different.  Another big change was adding this chandelier from Cost Plus. It looks so beautiful!  All of the bedding was purchased from HomeGoods along with the basket, side tables, lamps and wall hangings.  The sign above the bed is from Rachael over at @missmousecreations. 



There were a few other small areas I helped with like creating a little laundry area and a small gallery wall above the dresser, but my clients were going to hang those at a different time so I didn't capture a photo. :)

Thanks for stopping by! 

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