January 1, 2016

A Place to Call Home-Living Room Transformation

Hey all!  It's been a long time since I've blogged on here, I barely even remembered my log-in information! But I figured it out so here I am (FYI- I want to update my blog soon since I started this 5 years ago and have not maintained it... stay tuned)!
 I wanted to share with you a living room of a client I have been working with.  Her and her husband have lived in their home for over a year now and felt like their living room was not cozy and personal to them.  Side note: I've just recently started to help style/decorate homes and businesses of people I know personally.  Honestly God has been so good because I haven't done much but share my own home and booth pictures from The Fussy Duck and people have reached out to me!  I've been so grateful for these opportunities that have landed into my lap and count them nothing but a blessing! Without going into a ton of detail, I'm considering going into interior design school and starting my own interior design business! Until then I am doing small side jobs and staying busy with my booth (and of course first and for most being mommy to my two sweet boys)!  But anyways back to my client... we discussed a budget and she let me loose. It was so much fun to shop for her home and come up with some creative solutions to add some character and coziness to her home! I'll be honest, this is one of my first paid designing jobs besides styling/merchandising the store Born and Raised in Canby.  So when it came down to some logistical things, I've just been learning as I go...  Thankfully I have worked with the most amazing clients so it has been working out great so far.  But again my goal is to attend school so I feel more qualified/certified to actually pursue this as a career! Now onto the fun part! Before and after shots!

One of the biggest "problems" was that huge hole above the fireplace.  I believe it was originally meant for a wide TV.  To give you a visual it was about 23 inches deep and very hard for my client to style (as I can imagine) and her current flat screen TV was too big for the space.  So I decided to cover the hole completely with a thin piece of multi-purpose board from Home Depot.  I painted it with chalk-paint and my friend Caitlin hand lettered the saying "what I love most about my home, is who I share it with." Now the hole is covered and a piece of art is showcased! Another area that was of interest was the wall where the TV sat.  It was a pretty big wall and at first I thought maybe doing a gallery wall or two large pieces of art, but I decided on doing floating shelves from Ikea. Easy to switch up and mix around.  The clock is from HomeGoods and was a great center piece! The couch and rug had already been purchased by my client and would have been pretty expensive to replace so we kept them and they ended up working out great! Lastly that small window to the left of the fireplace was kind of awkward!  I added a table that I found thrifted and hand painted white.  Then I added a tall floral arrangement, a lamp, accessories and some curtains to add height and dimension! I love how it turned out and my clients loved it too! Yay! Thanks for stopping by!


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