March 9, 2013

Pregnancy Update

Hi friends!  I haven't posted a new blog post in QUITE sometime, but I thought I would give a little pregnancy update and share a few photos that I have captured throughout my pregnancy.
 My pregnancy has gone so smoothly, until recently, which you will read more about below!  I never got morning sickness (but just wait with our next baby I will probably be really sick) :).  My blood pressure has remained totally normal.  I haven't really had any cravings.  I haven't cried/been emotional at all really (in my opinion?).  Basically you wouldn't really know I was pregnant, besides my huge belly that started popping out fairly early in my pregnancy and tiredness.  I have been working my normal 40 hour weeks and have been feeling great.  In the first trimester I was tired a lot, but that was really my only symptom.  My second trimester went by really fast (holidays,etc.) and I felt great!  Now being in my third trimester, I am beginning to get tired again... My back has been hurting, partly due to the fact that I have a desk job and also that I am carrying a lot more weight in the front. :) I recently have gotten pretty bad heartburn, but only for a few days and then it went away.  I have gained almost 35 pounds!!  Which is A LOT!  But my starting BMI was a little below normal, so they expected me to gain a lot.  I do have to be careful that I am not gaining a lot more though... Most recently and by far the biggest pregnancy problem that I have encountered is that I have been diagnosed with a mild case of gestational diabetes.  Everything else has gone perfectly normal until recently when I had to complete that silly glucose tolerance test which is when I found out.  I am getting care at OHSU and they recently changed the levels of what your blood sugar should be after you drink 75 grams of sugar (eww!).  When you compare their new levels with my results, my fasting glucose level was normal, my first hour reading was elevated and my two hour reading was normal.  But since my one hour reading was elevated, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  I have been having to check my blood sugar daily and watch a lot more carefully what I consume.  For those of you who know me, my husband has Type 1 diabetes, but no, me having gestational diabetes has nothing to do with him.  It's just how MY body is reacting to all the extra hormones and it also runs a little bit on my side of the family.  At first I was so taken back because I never consume simple sugars (regular soda, etc.) and I have never had a sweet tooth.  If you know me, I don't like sweets (cookies, ice cream, cake, etc.) so I rarely eat them.  Also I felt like I ate really healthy and exercised somewhat regularly.  So being told I had a mild case of gestational diabetes was kinda shocking!  But, due to my pregnancy, my body hasn't been able to uptake insulin like it normally could and I am just having to except that it's pretty much out of my control.  But of course exercise and diet can play a role so even though I feel HUGE I have been trying to walk more and pay attention to watch I consume and when. At this point in my pregnancy, I have started going to the doctor every two weeks so hopefully everything will remain under control and our baby boy will be healthy!  If you can please pray for me and Liam I would really appreciate it!  Please pray that I will have a safe delivery and Liam will be healthy!  Thanks!!

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