March 16, 2012

Birthday Celebration

This birthday was one of the very best!  
My day started off with my husband spoiling me rotten.  He was so creative and thoughtful with his gifts this year!  He first made me a jar that said Dates on it.

Inside the jar he hand wrote out all sort of ideas for date night on popsicle sticks.  They included:
Ben picks a project, Cinetopia, Ben makes dinner, serve/bless a friend, get coffee and read magazines, get DQ and go look at houses, go somewhere brand new, bible study, do everything on a date backwards, walk to food longer than one mile, go to the store and buy each other a surprise less than $5.00, Julia picks a craft, go people watch/pray, pedicures together, walk/picnic in wetlands, bible study and prayer, cuddle in bed and read, go to dinner and order for each other, go line dancing, get coffee other than Starbucks, go to mall and stick together, go to goodwill, Julia makes dinner, get snacks and rent a movie, move bedding to living room and snuggle, and dinner on one isde of the river and dessert on the other side. 
What a stinkin cute he is!

Then he got me a book called One in a million: (He made a tag for every gift.  This one said for your soul)

Next gift said for your home:  He got me a few things from TJ Maxx Home Goods, but I decided to return them and combined with my mom's birthday money I got this beauty: (Coffee table from Cost Plus)

Then he got us a two night stay at the Sunriver Resort for March 23-25!!  This was tagged for your heart and mind.

He got me something else, but I cannot say :)

Then we met up with my mom and sister for OPH. 

Then we ended the night celebrating with awesome friends!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who came out!

The end :)

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