October 15, 2011

It's been forever!.....

Holy moly I haven't posted in like 10 years!  This past summer was crazy busy because I had a full time internship with a Safety and Wellness coordinator for Marion County employees.  I was commuting to Salem four times a week (from Corvallis) and boy was I one busy girl!  Recently my hubby and I have moved to Beaverton to pursue our careers and we are finally all moved in (I am hoping to post pictures of our cute little apartment in a couple days here)... Anyways now that I feel somewhat settled and may have a little spare time (fingers crossed), I am hoping to get on here and post a little more often.

My latest project I did was yesterday.  I have been training a lot for my new job, but yesterday I was given a day off (Yay!)  I was in the crafty mood so I decided to do something with my basic ikea coffee table.

Here is what you would need:
Foam paint brush
Smaller paint brush
Magazine (to put under while you use exact-o-knife)
Tape (if you want)

            I printed a stencil I found from this site Via (Tip: Print on photo paper so it is a little more stable to
                                                                         use as your stencil)

                                          Then I used an exact-o-knife to cute out the black part, leaving a little black connected to the middle so it doesn't become detached.  Then you will just have to fill in the little spot later.

                                                                         Finished cut out

Then I just put it on my coffee table, tapped it down a bit and painted it white with a foam brush. I removed the stencil right after I painted over it and I took a smaller brush to paint a second coat (and to fill in the line that connected the middle with the outer part).

Ta-da!!  A fun designed print to sparse this table up a bit...  

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  1. That looks awesome Julia! Looks like it was professionally done :)