January 11, 2012

Chevron Table

So sometimes I get into this total craft mood and just go for something and forget to take before and after pictures :)  For this project all you need is:
- Blue painters tape
- Paint (white and mustard for me)
-Paint brush
-Paint sealant if you want

So I just painted the whole top of this table white to begin with.  Then once that dried (let it dry overnight),  I placed my painters tape in a chevron pattern.  So I would basically make one side of the triangle shape and then cut the tape so it would be a nice straight edge and then start there and go the other way up (making the zig-zag pattern).  Once I had all the tape on, I painted the mustard color on the areas where there was no tape.  I let it dry for a little (maybe an hour?) and then pealed the tape off.  Then I just touched up the areas where a little paint got underneath the tape.  Then I placed a clear sealant over the top. Fun stuff!   


  1. that looks so good Julia! I love it! someday I will try to recreate it :o)

  2. This turned out really well! Love it!