November 27, 2011


What a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I have been working six days a week so one day off feels like eternity.  When Thanksgiving and Christmas come along... Ben and I end up going to three or four dinners. :)  My parents involve going to two houses, Ben's parents equal one and then sometimes we go to Ben's aunts house. That's a total of four Thanksgiving/Christmases... This year Thanksgiving was only three houses, but that's still a lot!  It is so much fun to see all our family and just relax, while gaining like 5 lbs! 
Hubby and I:


Handsome Hubby:

Hubby, me and Pookie (my grandma and grandpa' doggie). He is licking Ben's face :)

Thanksgiving table at my mamma's house:

Yummy acorn candies I made:

Gotta love the Thanksgiving day ads!  Ben and I woke up, Ben went to the store to get a paper and then we drank coffee and looked through them all... We ended up going to Target and Old Navy at midnight Thanksgiving day night...  This was CRAZY, but so fun.  We didn't even really get much but clothes, but to witness all the crazy people running around was priceless!

Did you do any Black Friday shopping??  Any good deals?

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  1. You're insane. Thank goodness I got to sleep through the insanity. = ).